Saturday, September 19, 2009

Semester #3

I don't have any pictures or anything, but I just want everyone to know that I'm having a super fun semester! This semester, I volunteered to work for the new student orientation, Get Connected, and had TONS of fun- I made lots of new friends and had amazing spiritual experiences. It's changed my entire outlook on BYU-I and I'm actually enjoying it again! My roommates are awesome this semester. No personality clashing so far, and that's a record compared to my past apartments. This semester I'm taking awesome classes (except for science), my favorite of which is Women's Choir! I can't describe how amazing it feels to be in an auditioned choir again. We're singing in devotional on Sep. 29, which is always fun. I also get to go on choir tour to Twin Falls and Salt Lake, which I'm also super excited about. Hopefully I'll get some good pictures soon, but my camera is poop. :(