Friday, July 2, 2010

My Drug...

Can I just say, that there is no feeling in the entire world better than the one you get being a part of good music. I think that I literally get a buzz off of it. My arms start tingling and I get chills down my spine, then my heart starts beating faster and faster until I get so pumped that I just want to sing out more, but I can't, so instead the Spirit overflows out of me and my eyes get all watery and I can't help but smile and wish that I could give more. I feel so blessed to be able to be a part of something so magical, and to be part of such a conduit for the Holy Ghost. After I finish a good, successful performance like the one I experienced tonight, I feel like I am on a cloud all night. It helps to make me a better person, and it makes me feel so close to Heavenly Father. I only hope, and wish, that the audience is able to feel what I feel. "A song of the righteous is a prayer unto me" are some of the truest words ever spoken! I hope all of you have something in your lives that gives you this feeling, because it is the best feeling in the entire universe!!!

Also, I am officially convinced that my Grandma Clark is there to help me when I perform. I have felt her every single time that I have performed since singing at her funeral. At the funeral, I shouldn't have been able to get through that song. I almost didn't. In fact, the second I finished singing and sat down, I started bawling. She is the reason I got through it, because she was helping me. I am fairly certain that she is frequently with me when I perform. In fact, sometimes I feel like she takes over. Anyway, I'm not bragging about my voice by any means whatsoever, it's just how it feels. Just a side note... :)