Friday, October 10, 2008

My Roomies

Sadly, I don't have any pictures with my roommates- yet. Unfortunately for them, and fortunately for me- I'm friends with all of them on Facebook! Mwahahahahahahahaha... Anyway- These are them... :)

This is Lacy- depending on her mood and sleep levels, she can be either a vegetable, or a fiery ball of energy. No matter what, she is absolutely adorable. Her head is full of random trivia and love to share it. She is also the only clean freak- which is REALLY good. She is Mom in the cleaning department, and if not for her, we would be living in an absolute trash dump. 

This is Jocelyn- our exotic Californian (the rest of us are from Idaho and Utah). She is so fun to talk to and she just so happens to be an amazing friend. She is a complete tomboy, but she still has the cutest clothes out of all of us. Granted, she only has one sweatshirt and one jacket, and is finding out that she'll need a little more than that to survive the winter...

This beautiful girl is Kim. She is super smart and pretty, but she is really self-conscious. She is an artist and Pshycology Major. Other than that, I really don't know much about her, because she has a boyfriend. Between him and her classes, she is NEVER home.

Last, but DEFINITELY not least, is Carley. Carley shares my love for the outdoors, which automatically makes her amazing! She recently returned from OSSO in Ecquador, and I love hearing about all her adventures! She loves almost everyone and is a super sweetheart. She is VERY social, and always has to be doing something, even if it is going for a walk. Walking with her is the best. She's so easy to talk to, and she tries to include everyone. 

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Snake River Stories said...

so - you have a camera, right?
get snapping those pictures!!!

Your blog is cute by the way