Monday, November 24, 2008


Okay Tiff, I hope you're happy!

My 4th picture in my 4th picture folder:
ah ha ha... that's embarrassing... don't read anything into it.

16 Random Things:

1. When i was 11 I fell down the stairs onto my violin case, twisting my ribs into my lungs ouch.
2. Sometimes Disney movies make me cry.
3. I balled through High School Musical 3 because it made me miss performing.
4. Sometimes I go through the events of my day and relive them in my mind, and go through different ways I could have handled things.
5. If I can't sleep, I create my own dreams.
6. Contrary to people's expectations, I am not a storyteller like my amazing, incredible mom. In fact, speaking in front of people terrifies me.
7.  I like watching cheesy Disney Channel series- yes that includes Hannah Montana
8. I hate Napolean Dynamite and Spongebob.
9. My closet at home is filled with a zillion crafty projects that I've started and never finish.
10. It's hard for me to concentrate unless I'm listening to music. Otherwise I just get bored and just start dreaming.
11. Jocelyn (one of my roommates) and I watched the entire first season of 24 in 36 hours.
12. Right now I'm watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch while waiting for Taralyn to pick me up.
13. I used to think that Melissa Joan Hart looked like Tiffany.
14. I really enjoy commercials
15. I have wanted to play Mrs. Pots on Broadway since I was a little girl.
16. I'm freaking out because I have peers getting married, and one who is having a baby.

Last One...

8 Things

8 Favorite Shows:
-The Office
-Ugly Betty
-The Middleman
-Top Chef
-Amazing Race
-Gilmore Girls
-Jon & Kate Plus 8

8 Things I Did Yesterday:
-Went to church with Marianne, Hayley, and April
-Went to the Family History Center
-Indexed 150 names
-Chatted with Tiff
-Studied for my Book of Mormon test
-Watched 3 episodes of 24 season 2 and "24 Redemption"
-Chatted with CJ and Grace on Facebook
-Stayed up until 2:30 with Jocey watching funny videos on You Tube

8 Favorite Restraunts:
-The Thai House
-The Great Hunan
-Sol Rio
-Johnny Carinos
-The Mayan
-Taco Bell
-my house
-The Olive Garden

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:
-Going home for Thanksgiving break
-Going to Twilight with my mom
-My paycheck to go through so I can do some more Christmas shopping
-Our Christmas Party
-This semester to be over and done with
-moving to Florida, going to the beach, living by Disney World, and getting free admission whenever the heck I want
-Seeing Tiff, whenever the heck that is...

8 Things on My Wish List
-Many, many, many books
-A memory foam pillow
-$$$ :)
-A ticket to Flagstaff, AZ
-a cell phone
-a puppy or a kitten. 

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Tiffany said...

I am so glad that you did this!!! Thanks for humoring me! Interesting about the Melissa Joan Hart thing. Also glad that I rank higher on your list of wants than a cat - don't know if Taralyn would say the same thing! :)

Love you! Hope you had a semi fun day with mom - considering the circumstances.