Thursday, January 8, 2009

My First Few Days at Disney!!!!

No, I haven't been to the parks yet. :( But, I'm going soon, dang it!!! So far, there's not much to the story of my life in Florida, but it has definitely been a scary adventure so far!!! Sunday morning, our plane had a gas problem. We were scheduled to leave at 12:50 am, but didn't board until 1:00, and three trucks and a frozen gas line later, we finally took off at 2:00. Did you guys know that travelers are super grumpy in the morning? Anyway, 3 hours later I landed in Atlanta, and had to run across the airport to catch my connecting flight.  I got there just before they finished boarding, then I flew to Florida!!! I have to admit that the first day I was pretty discouraged and scared- I knew no one, was in a strange state 2400 miles from home, got a HUGE, boring apartment (which, of course, we can't decorate. It almost feels like a prison), and quite frankly, I had no idea what I was thinking when I came here. But, don't worry, I'm warming up to everything ok.

 On Tuesday, we had routine check in stuff, where I found out that I'll be working in Epcot at Future World! This is when I started getting a little more excited. That was about all that happened on Tuesday. Wednesday we had a big long class called Traditions, where we learned all about the history of Disney, what's going on now and what's to come in the company, then we talked about safety and courtesy and "keeping the show alive." We also learned some Disney-ese, the cast member language. We have a special point- never with your index finger!!!, ambulance= alpha unit, puke= protein spill (haha I think that one's funny!), etc., etc. This is also the day that I received my name tag and id card (which gets me into the parks for free and gets me discounts like all over Orlando) , and a cute little eeyore, which I won for  being team leader (woot woot). 

Today (Thurs.) was TERRIBLE!!! I went to my custodial core class, where I spent 4 hours listening to a poor, little man from Haiti read slides at 2 words per hour (he didn't know english very well) and babble forever about pans and brooms. After that we went 2 hours at a computer watching lessons about disabled people, chemicals, and blood pathogens (I got 100% on the test, by the way, so you should be proud Dad). It was all SOOOOOOOO boring, and I'm having a kind of hard time feeling the Disney magic. But, tomorrow I get a tour of Epcot, so I know that I'll start feeling more enthusiastic soon!!! I'm not sure yet when I will be able to go to the parks, but worst case, I have Thursday and Friday of next week off. Also, I know you've all been worried that I have to go in at 5 am this weekend, but no worries. It's only for two days... just two. After that I work from 1:30-10 pm (as far as I know). But yeah, I'll update again soon and hopefully will get more pictures! I love you all!


Tiffany said...

That sounds like a stressful flight. I am glad you got there safe and sound. Don't let the apartment get you down. You won't be there that much anyways. I am positive you will feel better once you get in the park. Don't doubt it - you knew this was a good decision! I love you and thanks for the update!

PS. Early morning is definitely doable 2x a week :)

The Clarks said...

i was so glad to see you posted! i'm sorry it hasn't been all that awesome yet. i'm sure you will get the hang of things! have fun touring the park! just like tiffany says, you'll feel better when you're actually there. how could you not at disneyworld? =) love you, and good luck!