Saturday, April 30, 2011

Me Souhaiter Un Bon Voyage!!!!

I'm off, and I can hardly believe it! 48 hours from now, I will be walking the streets of Dublin. Never in a thousand years did I ever think that I would get this opportunity. Ever since I started thinking about going on this trip, I have felt that I was supposed to go, and have said that if I was supposed to go it would work out. Well, it did work out and I am more sure that ever that this is what I'm supposed to be doing. Over the past two weeks, I have been going to class after class after class preparing for this trip, and I have met 45 other girls and a guy who I already feel that I know really well. It has been physically and mentally exhausting, and emotionally draining. But even more than all of that, I have an even deeper testimony in my need to be a part of this trip. I am SOOOOO excited. :) And I wish I could take you all with me. When I get back, I promise to post the dozens and dozens and dozens of pictures that I will have taken. Wish me luck!


The Clarks said...

GOOD LUCK!!!!! i hope you have the most spectacular time of your life!! =) i'm so excited to see pictures! loves.

Tiffany said...

You better post pictures hose beast! I miss you already! Have so much fun.

Love you!