Sunday, June 3, 2012

Changes... All IS Well!

Precaution: Upon the perusal of the post you will perceive a plethora of pictures portraying and pertaining to my persistent practice and achieved progressional proficiency in the prodigious procedure of cake decorating and sewing. 

Let me tell you a little story. Once upon a time there was a girl. This girl was having an emotional and mental breakdown. She was worried about money, about the unknown future, about her need to graduate, about not wanting to graduate, etc. One day, she decided to pay the tithing she was behind on, that she had been putting off paying because it would have comprised of a third of her bank account. It was scary to pay that tithing, but she knew that if she paid it, things would get better. The next morning, at 7:30 am, there was an email on her campus account. The email was to inform her that she had been given a scholarship! A scholarship that would cover almost half of her tuition for the following school year. She was completely overcome with gratitude and joy, for she knew that scholarship was a product of her tithing. Later that day, she received another email. This email was to schedule a job interview. This was the first time any employer had given her a chance that semester. She was overjoyed with these newfound blessings.

Throughout the course of that week, the girl's beautiful, amazing, talented, warrior of a mother decided to help her figure out a way to finally put a future graduation date on her calendar. With their combined brainpower, and a lot of stress and wailing and nashing of teeth, they made a fascinating discovery. By switching around the details of her major, the girl would be able to graduate the very next semester! That's right, they discovered that the girl, so long as all went as planned, would be able to graduate from college in the December of 2012. 

Meanwhile, the girl had taken a day off school to spend a marvelous weekend at Aspen Grove with her parents, a sister, and two of her nieces. On the way to Utah, she received a phone call, where in she scheduled another job interview! Upon her return back to Rexburg, she attended the second job interview, wherein she was hired immediately. The girl couldn't believe the blessings that were being poured down upon her. In the following days she would continue to be requested for not one, but two additional job interviews.

Also during that week, the girl, after much labor and turmoil, finally finished her extraordinarily stressful cake decorating final project. She experienced much joy at this accomplishment, and she knew that it would not have been achieved without the help of her Heavenly Father (for pictures of her final achievements in cake decorating, see below).

That brings us nearly up to date with the events of the girl's life, up until yesterday. Yesterday, with the help of her amazing friend, Juan, she had the beautiful opportunity to perform baptisms for the dead for a few of her dear great great great great (etc) aunts and uncle: Ragnil Jacomsen, Johanne Jocomsen (sisters from Norway, through the Schultz line), Maria Ann Schaeffer (from Pennsylvania), and William Henry Spink (from York, England--his baptism and confirmation was completed by Juan). It was a beautiful experience, and she was supernally grateful for the opportunity to be involved in such a marvelous work.

What, you ask, is the moral of the story? ALL WILL BE WELL! With faith, all things truly are possible. The girl is still terrified at the prospect of beginning her post-graduate journey through life, but she knows, now more than ever, that if she does each day by faith, all will truly be well. Heavenly Father loves us, and knows what we are going through. He is aware of our pain and our worry, and if we let Him, He will help us to conquer all our fears and the trials of our life! That is the undeniable and eternal truth.

Now for some baby clothes and cake:

My first sleeper: my favorite project in this class thus far.

My edible paper cake (the tulips and butterfly are edible paper

My first time tackling the terrifying world of fondant.

My gum paste flowers.

Royal Icing. Not yummy, but pretty.

I was thinking of my sister Tiffy while I made this cake. Probably because of the daffodils.
My final project: inspired by Taralyn's desires for her future wedding.

Duck bride and groom.

Picnic Basket

Red wagon with rope handle.

Black licorice wheels.


Teresa Clark - Storyteller said...

Oh yeah, woo hoo, what a difference a week makes =)(and a whole lot of faith, prayers, and blessings.)

You've got mad sewing and cake decorating skills. I still can't believe you carried that monster cake home!

Love this post! Love the testimony and insights shared. Love the plan.
Love you!!!!


Tiffany said...

Agh - 40 lbs of cake . . . yum! I love your cakes! It looks so fun! You did a great job.
What a wonderful blessing tithing is. It IS hard sometimes, but it is always worth it :) I am so glad that you will graduate THIS YEAR!!!! yahoo!!
I love you!

The Clarks said...

WHAT?? you are graduating THIS YEAR???? WAHOOO!! holy moly how wonderful! completely amazing how hard keeping commandments can be, yet so simple. i'm so happy everything is working out for you! love you!

The Clarks said...

oh, p.s. amazing cakes and sewing!!

Taralyn said...

I hope you know how much I love you! I don't know what's wrong with me this week, but everything is making me happy cry. And I'm so happy and proud you'll be graduating and are putting your trust in the Lord! P.S. You can definitely make that cake for my wedding. Tee hee.