Sunday, September 9, 2012

So far...

...this semester (which doesn't officially start until tomorrow), I have unpacked and decorated my room, gone to an SRC meeting, started good relationships with most of my roommates (one moved in barely an hour ago, but she seems nice), hung out with friends, met a LOT of new boys, thrown a frisbee around with some boys, been bought an orange julius by a boy, gone to the coolest college ward I have ever been in, been invited to a neighbor's waffle party and to several game nights, enjoyed an entertaining and amazing conversation with my new bishopric, found out (already!) who my FHE group is, been asked to sing in sacrament meeting sometime, had our first weekly apartment dinner, gone to an amazing CES fireside, worn a stranger's tie, gone on a complex-wide blind date with the same boy (where I was told that I have the "glow of a returned missionary"--which is good I guess), been asked to mend a pair of pants by the very same boy, and written this blog post. Whew! It's been busy. And Sunrise Village is officially the coolest apartment complex I have ever been in! Everyone here is so friendly and social, and this ward is amazing.

I am ridiculously excited for this semester, but also ridiculously terrified. In addition to my 12 credits, I'll be working up to 20 hours per week, and doing SRC for at least 10. So I basically have 2 part time jobs and full time school, AND, I am stinkin' determined to have a decent social life this semester. On top of that, I have a huge anxiety bubble that's constantly getting bigger and bigger. I can't figure out if it's in anticipation for the crazy-awesomeness of the semester to come, or if it's something else, but usually when I feel like this it means a big change is coming. I've been super emotional this weekend. As scared I am of my service on the Student Representative Council (in which I will be meeting weekly with the Academic Vice President and be forced to break out of my little shy, timid shell), I know without a doubt that it is what I am supposed to be doing this semester. That has made me cry, my amazing apartment has made me cry, I cried all throughout church, and the CES fireside made me cry. I can be rather emotional, but never this emotional. I know that the path I am on with my education (as wiggly as it has been) is right for me. I know that I'm supposed to be on SRC. I know that Sunrise Village is where I should be. I know that God loves me, no matter how stupid and clueless I am. I know that my post graduation plan (click HERE for more info) is at least a piece of the right path. I know that Jeffrey R. Holland is one of 15 extraordinary prophets who are really and truly called of God. I know that above anything else, I am meant to one day be a wife and a mother, and someday that will happen for me no matter how much Satan tries to tell me otherwise. I know that the people I have met and lived with in the past four years of my life were there to strengthen me and help me grow, along with the classes I've taken, the places I've been, and the things I've done. I know, that no matter how freaking scary this next semester may be, God will help me through it. So, you know what I say to this semester? BRING IT ON. Now, for pictures of my amazing apartment.

Angela's side

My side: I'm really proud of those collages...

The closet doesn't have a door, so I made these to help hide the shtuff inside, with help from my mama, of course.

My under-the-bed shelving system. There aren't any dressers here, so I got some drawers. I had to put my bed on risers to make it fit. Now my bed comes up to my belly button. :)

Everyone (boys and girls alike--there's not really a defined "chastity line" in this apartment) can see into our room,and this is mostly what they see. :)

Our sweet kitchen with our sweet granite table/counter and our sweet lack of a dishwasher (I'm not being sarcastic)

Doesn't my apartment look so modern and chic? ;) I freaking love that couch.

And... just to show you how legit I am, my SRC magnetic name tag. I'll post pictures of me in my polo when I get it.


The Clarks said...

dang, taunalee! you are so inspiring to listen to! i'm so so glad your semester is getting off to such an awesome start!! good luck with it ALL! your apartment is adorable btw. love ya!

Tiffany said...

You sound so stinkin happy! That makes me happy! I think its great that you will be so busy...busy is good. Your room is decorated somcute and i also love the collages :) cant wait to hear more! Here is to a social filled semester filled with fun!xoxo

Teresa Clark - Storyteller said...

Woo hoo - your blog is cute, you're enthusiasm is palatable, your happiness brings tears to my eyes, your going to have an amazing semester and I can't wait to see what evolves!!!

Oh and I love your post grade plan and that website is sweet!!!

Love you,

Taralyn said...

Dang girl look at you being all legit and stuff in a cute non-dormish apartment! Phew what a first week! May you have many more just like it. :)

Tiffany said...

Update, update, update! I miss you! I want to hear about your life!

Taralyn said...

So...we all know more things have happened this semester. ;) Confess! Er, I mean update us please. With pictures!

Teresa Clark - Storyteller said...

So yeah, you're done with college FOREVER in 4 weeks - Update us on your semester, with pics of course!!!!