Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pics of Fall 2009

So here are some pictures of my amazing pictures of this semester. I stole them all off of facebook, so they aren't the best, but my camera is still out of service. Tiffany, this is for you! So you better help me out. :P

These pictures are the product of pure boredom. Charlotte (left), Marina, and I spent probably two hours trying to get jumping pictures. Most of them turned out like this one, but this is my favorite because we're all in different stages of a jump, but no one is actually off the ground. :)

This is our first successful shot. Unfortunately my face isn't very cute when I'm in the air. :)

That extra roomie is Heather. She got home like an hour into our jumping and decided to join in on the fun.

This is my least favorite, but my roomies think it's funny, so whatever. :)

This picture is taken at the Rexburg temple. It's one of the first weekends of the semester. Marina and I try to go together because we're room roommates and we both are class free on Fridays!

It's pretty!

This is a picture of me ironing my pillowcase for sewing class. I want to post pictures of my other sewing projects eventually.

This is our lovely front door. Marina, Charlotte, and I got bored with our apartment, so we decorated! It was actually the same night that we took the jumping pictures. Why were we so bored? I bet we had tons of homework to do.


Tiffany said...

way cute and way fun! you kind of look like Cassie Klingler in those jumping pictures:) That's a good thing . Thanks for posting . . . can't wait for more updates.

I will start clicking. xoxo

The Clarks said...

yea! you posted pictures! =) you are so cute. that is awesome you guys can go to the temple.

Tiffany said...

How is adsense working out??

Taralyn said...

Ha ha the best time to be distracted is when you have tons of homework to do. Love it. :) And your face is always cute!

Taunalee said...

AdSense is ok. :) I've made a little under $15, but I have a feeling most of that was because of you, Tiff. :) And thanks taralyn! you're pretty cute too

Stuart said...

Love the pictures! Keep them coming! Any your face is ALWAYS adorable!!!

So...have you checked out your ads? HS musical 4 is having open that's a way to spend your off track!!!! Since you can't click the link from here you should get on our home computer and check it out!!!!

Then your musical life would be filled with a musical!!!

Love ya,