Friday, January 29, 2010


I know it's hard to believe- I'm leaving Facebook. The world is coming to an end!!! ;) Honestly I'm sort of surprised it's such a big deal to everyone, but that is a big part of why I'm ending it. First of all, while I feel the Facebook is an excellent tool in keeping in touch with friends and family, it has become far too overused in my personal life. It distracts me from homework, family, and the people that I am with in reality. If I'm bored, I always turn to Facebook rather than finding a productive use of my time. The other thing that drives me CRAZY is that I'm friends with so many people online, but in real life, we don't even say hi when we see each other. If I'm not really a friend with that person in reality, why should I humor them by giving them a higher friend tally? Basically it comes down to this: I spend WAY too much time online, and Facebook has gotten me into some pretty sticky situations in the past. This is more of a self-control move than anything else. This doesn't mean that I love anybody less, it certainly doesn't mean I want to lose contact with anyone, and it is not a personal attack on any of my Facebook friends. I simply want to reunite with reality. :) Now that I am leaving Facebook, I will do my best to update my blog more often, just in case anyone cares to know what's going on with my life. AND I still have an email address and a cell phone number! Just let me know if you don't have it. Basically, my point is that I'm not completely dropping off the face of the earth just because my Facebook account is. :) Love ya guys!


Tiffany said...

I'm glad you will be updating more often, it's better anyways. :) I, for one, am taking it personally and I expect a full apology and "I'm Sorry" gift. ;)

The Clarks said...

wow - go you, taunalee! =) i'm glad you'll be updating your blog more often!

Taralyn said...

Dear Taunalee,
1. good choice
2. way to privatize your blog
3. I like your blogs makeover.

Tiffany said...

I LOVE the background. I wonder who gave you that awesome code? ;)

Taunalee said...

I have no idea... :)